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Instruments of Devotion. The Practices and Objects of Religious Piety from the Late Middle Ages to the 20th Century

anthology-storBelief and religion are returning as focal concerns in modern philosophical debate. Interestingly, this ‘religious turn’ is most clearly seen in so-called post-modern or post-structuralist thinking. Today we are witnessing the dissolution of philosophical theories such as positivist scientism and marxism that thought they had definitively liquidated religion. After modernity, there are no more strong philosophical reasons either to be an atheist refusing religion or to be a theist refuting science.

Today’s situation in Europe illustrates the need for historical knowledge and perspective on culture and religion, particularly Christianity in its denominational varieties. Christianity’s influence on and in European culture cannot be overestimated, particularly understood as a dynamic and multifaceted force.

The purpose of this anthology is to present a variety of studies on devotion and its instruments. The aim of our work is to shed light on what we believe to be central aspects of Christianity and its influence on and in European cultures, and it is our hope that this anthology can present some new insights into the histories and cultures of Europe.
Contributors are: Henrik von Achen, Mette B. Bruun, Peter De Mey, Rob Faesen, Fred van Lieburg, Mario Perniola, Nils Holger Petersen, Salvador Ryan, Eli Heldaas Seland.

Introducton (PDF).