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ENID, European Network on the Instruments of Devotion

Network of scholars studying various aspects of Christian piety and devotional practices.
Host institution is Bergen Museum, the University of Bergen, Norway.

Enid only has copyright to texts published or otherwise made known in the name of Enid. The copyright of every other text or picture belongs to the individual author or to his or her institution.

Terms of use

These web pages have been created in order to present ENID to a wider fellowship of scholars and people interested in the research topics of the network.

All information may be used and referred to, provided one credits the author by referring to his or her name, followed by the standard reference: www.enid.uib.no.

In case the author does not want his or her material to be used, the copyright symbol will follow immediately after the name or picture.

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The original pages were made in 2004 by Kari K. Kristoffersen and Henrik von Achen, Bergen Museum, University of Bergen.

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Henrik von Achen, Bergen Museum

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Alf E. Andresen, University of Bergen

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Henning Laugerud, University of Bergen