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Dr Justin E. A. Kroesen

Associate Professor of Cultural History specializing in the Material Culture of Christianity

University Museum of Bergen
Haakon Sheteligs plass 10
5007 Bergen

Tel. +47 55 58 31 27

Email: Justin.Kroesen@uib.no


Justin Kroesen studied Theology and Art History at the Universities of Groningen (The Netherlands) and Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), from 1994-1999. He received his PhD in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Groningen in December 2003 with a study of medieval altarpieces in Spain and Portugal. From 2004-2015 he was assistant professor of the Art History of Christianity at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Groningen and acting director of the Institute for Christian Cultural Heritage at the same institution.

Besides ENID Kroesen is a member of the research networks TEMPLA-Taller d’estudis medievals, based in Girona (Spain), and Kunst + Kultur der Hansestädte in Lübeck (Germany). He is an experienced lecturer in the field of cultural history of Christianity, material culture of Christianity, iconography and liturgical studies, both in academic and non-academic contexts. In 2012 Kroesen was elected University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year. He has developed numerous projects in outreach and education involving religious heritage in cooperation with, among other partners, the Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht, the Cultural Heritage Agency in Amersfoort and the Foundation of Old Groningen Churches.

Since January 2016 Kroesen is associate professor of cultural history at the University Museum of Bergen (Norway), specializing in the material culture of Christianity (with responsibility for the collection of Medieval church art).

Research Interests

  • Church art and architecture, particularty during Middle Ages and in the Early Modern period
  • Liturgy and church furnishings
  • Iconography
  • Contemporary developments in religious heritage

Select books and Edited Volumes (for a full list of publications, see www.uib.no/personer/Justin.Kroesen)

(with Gerardo Boto Varela) Cathedrals in Mediterranean Europe (11th-12th centuries) – Architecture, Ritual, and Urban Context, Turnhout: Brepols [to be published in 2016]

(with Peter Tångeberg) Die mittelalterliche Sakramentsnische auf Gotland (Schweden). Kunst und Liturgie, Petersberg: Michael Imhof Verlag, 2013, 240 pp.

(with Regnerus Steensma) The Interior of the Medieval Village Church [2nd revised and expanded edition], Louvain/Paris/Walpole MA: Peeters Publishers, 2012, 392 pp.

(with Paul Post and Arie Molendijk) Sacred Places in Modern Western Culture, Louvain/Paris/Walpole MA: Peeters Publishers, 2011, 355 pp.

(with Regnerus Steensma) Kirchen in Ostfriesland und ihre mittelalterliche Ausstattung, Petersberg: Michael Imhof Verlag, 2011, 272 pp.

Seitenaltäre in mittelalterlichen Kirchen. Standort-Raum-Liturgie, Regensburg: Schnell & Steiner, 2010, 160 pp.

Staging the Liturgy. The Medieval Altarpiece in the Iberian Peninsula [= Liturgia Condenda 22], Louvain/Paris/Walpole MA: Peeters Publishers, 2009, XIV + 607 pp.

(with Victor Schmidt) The Altar and its Environment, 1150-1400, Turnhout: Brepols, 2009, 314 pp.

Grants, awards and Prizes

2014 KIEM subsidy granted by NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) for a film series about historical church interiors in the Netherlands

2013 Election as University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year

2010 (as acting director of the Institute for Christian Cultural Heritage) Triannual Medal of Honour from the Foundation of Old Groningen Churches

2008 (with Regnerus Steensma) Karel van Mander-prize by the Association of Dutch Art Historians, an annual prize celebrating ‘a valuable publication in the field of art history by a Dutch author’ for The Interior of the Medieval Village Church (2004)

Jan-Mar 2007 Scholar-in-Residence at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, USA

2004 Subsidy granted by NWO for the translation into English of the expanded version of doctoral thesis

2001 Jan van Gelder-prize granted by the Association of Dutch Art Historians, an annual prize celebrating a publication by an art historian under 35, for The Sepulchrum Domini Through the Ages (2000)

1999 GUF-100 prize, prize granted every five years by the Groningen University Fund to ten excellent students

Other Academic Activitities

2015 Development of website www.protestantsecultuurschatten.nl

2014 Development of highschool project ‘The Church as a 3D-History Book’ (c. 500 participants) and participation in the ‘Kinderuniversiteit’ of the University of Groningen (c. 750 participants)

2007 Scholar-in-Residence during three months at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles (USA) for a research project on synodal decrees concerning Medieval churches and their furnishings, and participation in seminar on ‘Religion and Ritual’

2004- Lectures and master classes held at universities and other institutions in Belgium (Antwerp, Louvain), Denmark (Sønderborg), Germany (Cologne, Doberan, Essen, Freiburg, Greifswald, Halle, Merseburg, Marburg), Spain (Aguilar de Campoo, Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Madrid, Murcia), Britain (Cambridge), Sweden (Stockholm, Visby), Norway (Bergen, Oslo), United States (Los Angeles), Mexico (Mexico City) and Australia (Sydney)