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Georgios Kordis

Lecturer in iconography at the school of Theological at the University of Athens, Greece

Academic achievement:
Greek, born in 1951 in Makrirrachi, Fthiotidas and grew up in Athens.
Studies in theology at the University of Athens, and at the Theological School of “The Timios Stavros” in Boston, gaining a Master of Theology, specializing in both theology and the aesthetics of Byzantine painting. In1991 Doctor of Theology at the School of theology at the University of Athens, and since 1993 a lecturer at the same university.
Parallel to the theoretical occupation with Byzantine iconography and painting, George Kordis currently teaches the art of icons. He teaches at AKTO (Athenian School of Art), at the Cultural Centre EIKONOYRGIA and mainly at the Department of Theology at the University of Athens. Visiting professor at the summer term of Yale University (Institute of Sacred Music) teaching “Glory on Earth – The art of icon painting”.

On the practice of iconography:
In the 1980s studies in the technique of Byzantine iconography at the side of the Cypriot iconographer, Father Symeon Symeou. Further lessons in painting technique at “The School of Arts of The Museum of Boston” in 1987-89. On returning to Athens in 1990 continued studies in painting and engraving under Fotis Mastichiadis.
Kordis has painted many portable icons, frescos in churches and holy places, both in Greece and abroad. The most important of which are:
Monastery of Doxiario at Agion Oros,
Monastery of Agion Anargyron Parnonos, in Lakonia,
Monastery of Analypseos in Boiotia,
Monastery of Mitros Igapimenou in Boiotia,
Monastery of St.John the Theologist in Souroti,
Monastery of Theoskepastis in Soho, Lagada,
St.George’s, Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Beirut, Lebanon,
The Church of Annunciation in Beirut, Lebanon,
The Church of St.Nektarios in Aretaieion Hospital.


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